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Is paucity of space posing to be a hazard for newly set up business? Is the productivity of your workshop adversely affected because of inadequate area? Get mezzanine floor constructed and increase the space of your site manifolds!

Raised platform can be used for storage. Store your machines, equipments and goods within your small arena. Load bearing ability of a mezzanine floor is about 100 lbs per square feet for light to medium storage and 150 lbs per square feet for heavy duty storage or wheeled traffic. Despite of the fact that they can tolerate such colossal weights, mezzanine floor's construction is not a herculean task. They can be assembled easily and are very reliable. The fact that they can assemble and dismantled completely helping their relocation to be easier also beckons the client. Since no welding is required, their installation is hassle-free. They can be adjusted according to the location but are not dependent on the host building for support. There is no need to worry about security as it wouldn't pose to be danger to the safety of workers or other people in the premises. Also, many companies manufacturing mezzanine floors ensure that proper fire safety product is created as workshops are vulnerable to such disasters.

They are usually constructed from steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Steel is more commonly use than the other two. In fact, various varieties of steel i.e. stainless, structural or cold-rolled are used depending on the intended purpose or the budget. There is a prodigious list of manufacturers of mezzanine floor both in India and abroad that offer outlandish designs. The growing competition has helped to improve the quality of the mezzanine flooring like better material is now being used for creating decks and columns. Fabrication of panels and slotted angles is done with corrosion resistant material.

Mezzanine floors make efficient use of the overhead space in a very cost effective way. You wouldn't have to succumb to the dearth of space and make your productivity suffer. There are various accessories available like gated doors, safety rails and stairways which help you modify the mezzanine flooring according to your requirement. The delightful fact about getting them constructed is that you would save on futile expenditure caused in case you shifted to a larger location or bought up an extra plot.

Storage can be efficaciously done with racks and shelves being available today. Boltless storage racks can be added to the lower level of mezzanine floor in order to get organized storage space for goods that are small in size. Two or three tier mezzanine floors help you store all sizes of goods incredibly. They can be made in different shapes and sizes to quench the client's need perfectly. A survey is done before the construction and installation to note down the measurements for preparing a high quality product that satisfies the fully satisfies the client's requirements. Change the way you feel about space with this versatile option. These floors within floors are a boon! Turn your unused space into a valuable asset.