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In today's time where real estate prices are rising, organizations are looking for the best and cheap spaces to work in an efficient and effective manner. Despite having many options, Mezzanine floors are being used and there is a growth in constructing these kinds of floors. When I first heard about them, I did not know about them, but now I realize how crucial they are for any organization. A mezzanine floor is the one where an intermediate floor is built at a calculated height above the ground floor under one roof. It is more like having two constructions under the same roof. There are various alternatives for building up Mezzanine floors; one amongst them is where we have Office space below the storage space. More and more organizations have understood various benefits of this type of construction within their offices which have been discussed below:-

  1. Economical - Any organization, large or small, wants one thing from its operations and that is to bring down the cost of its workings. No organization would ever want to buy or hire any additional space to store its stock of material, when a cheaper alternative is available. Many organizations have realized that mezzanine floors help in a huge way to bring down costs by not paying for the capital cost or rent that would have been paid if there were no mezzanine floors.
  2. Office and warehouse integrated - with the advent of mezzanine floors, the transactions taking place at warehouse and office need not be separately recorded. An integrated software can be used to record multi-transactions at one place.
  3. Safety of stock - Since the office area is located below the storage space, any inward or outward movement of material is recorded. There can be no theft of materials f rom storage area.
  4. Optimum use of available space - Buying office places can be very hectic and time consuming. Once a property is bought, it becomes very difficult to recourse your action in case you don't like the place. In such cases, it becomes extremely important for the organizations to use the available space in the best possible way. So instead of using any other place, space above office should be used.
  5. Easy to install - The mezzanine floor, besides being economical, are very easy to install. Just by the use of aluminum sheets, rods, pillars etc., one can build a mezzanine floors in a customized way. These can be installed within days.
  6. Movable - The mezzanine floors are very mobile i.e. they can be moved from one place to another I case the warehouse needs to be shifted to any other place of the organization.
  7. Reliable - As these are constructed as per requirements of the organization, these can be modified in such a way that materials kept above the office will be fully protected as they will be kept on strong pillars.

With the advantages stated above, any organization would understand the benefits of mezzanine floors and shift its ideology towards constructing mezzanine floors instead of seeking other places for storage purposes. Mezzanine floors have truly changed the perception of high warehouse cost and brought in an era of having two different functions of an organization, which may or may not be inter-related, under the same roof.