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Looking for a suitable shop for storage of goods in close vicinity to your workshop? Are you unable to accommodate the material in your little warehouse? Is scarcity of space stultifying you? Or are you looking for an area near your factory to keep a close check on workers? Mezzanine floor will be your savior and provide you with the best possible solution to solve your dilemma.

Mezzanine floors are reliable and one shouldn't be dubious about its durability. They are very easy to install with the help of nuts and bolts and just take a few days to be customized to your specifications. They have humungous weight bearing capacity of 500 kilogram per square meter to 2500 kilogram! They can be as small as 2 m x 2 m or as huge as 60 m x 40 m. The grid size in multiples of 3.5 m x 4 m is said to be optimum although there is no peculiar standard size. Their height can be up to 6 meters or above!

For small businesses that expand impromptu, shortage of space is a major predicament. Shifting the production unit to an entirely new location causes a lot of pandemonium. Mezzanine floors provide pocket friendly way to create the space out of thin air. Create storage area beneath the mezzanine with the innovative designs offered by companies today. Different structures are specifically designed to ensure maximum possible utility of the space for storage. Various levels of shelves and racks can be built to neatly organize the goods that are small in size. Heavier goods can be distinctly kept between different beams. Hence, you can keep the supplies and the equipment in close proximity to the workers. You can set up an office over the free space above. Now, build a modular In-Plant Office with Mezzanine Floor! The loading requirement of the deck for an official setup is a minimum of 70 lbs per ft2 which wouldn't create much hassle or give you futile tension of worrying about the structural integrity of the miraculous mezzanine flooring. Extract the maximum out of the given space by building a raised office and storage partitions underneath. Suspended ceilings with staircase enclosures and an extended viewing gallery compliment the overall scheme. Also, the most exciting advantage of utilizing the open space above for official purpose and using the space beneath the mezzanine for storage is that you don't have to fret or fume about carrying heavy machines or goods at the higher level which requires more slog by the labor in comparison to lifting desks or other equipments for official purposes.

They layout of mezzanine floors is such that they can be installed within a very short span of time and can be very lucidly shifted as they are fully demountable. They can be seamlessly incorporated independent of the host building with the help of steel columns. Think about the cubic space and not the floor space! So, adopt a cost-effective way to enhance your business!